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Mahanakhon Beer is an award winning craft beer from Bangkok. 

Rooted in the craft beer movement, taking over asia, Mahanakhon beer is locally made in Thailand.

Mahanakhon craft beers includes White Ale, Pale Ale and IPAs.

It started in 2014 when a self-taught home brewer Anthony Tumwattana wanted to brew his own beer “just as a hobby”.

With an interest for unique beer styles and exotic ingredients,  Anthony explored and experimented eventually creating Mahanakhon Beer’s White Ale, one of Thailand’s first local craft beers.


Fuelled with passion Anthony continues to brew and experiment, winning accolades at the World Beer Awards and fans in cities across the globe.

Anthony Tumwattana’s first endeavour in craft beer was his flagship MAHANAKHON White Ale.

His modern interpretation uses Valencia oranges to provide a more rounded sweetness, while the traditional touch of coriander provides balance and subtle spice. The addition of Job’s Tear Hops creates the silky body and smooth finish that’s inviting to the palate.

MAHANAKHON White Ale’s unfiltered and naturally cloudy appearance displays the depth of flavours for this craft beer. Finally, garnishing the beer with a fresh orange slice heightens the naturals citrus flavor and aroma that makes this craft beer unique.

In 2017 Mahanakhon White Ale earned accolades at the WORLD BEER AWARDS 2017.

In 2019 Mahanakhon White Ale won the Bronze Award at the ASIA BEER CHAMPIONSHIP 2019

In 2018, collective experience and the success of Mahanakhon White Ale, led to the creation and development of a Lager, exploding with character and flavour.

This craft beer was created with a more sophisticated palette in mind, as a hops forward lager. Using Saaz and Hallertau - ‘Old World Hops’, and Simcoe and Mosaic - ‘Modern Hops’, and 100% premium pilsner malt.

Sivilai Lager is a bright golden color lager with a crisp hoppy aroma and delicate mouthfeel.

White Ale
White IPA
Pale Ale

World Beer Awards


World Beer Awards

Thailand Winner



World Beer Awards

Vietnam Silver


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