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MAHANAKHON =  Metropolis

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It started in 2014 when a self-taught home brewer Anthony Tumwattana wanted to brew his own beer “just as a hobby”.

With an interest for unique beer styles and exotic ingredients,  Anthony explored and experimented eventually creating Mahanakhon Beer one of Thailand’s first local craft beers. Fuelled with passion Anthony continues to brew and experiment. Winning accolades at the World Beer Awards and fans in cities across the globe.

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Mahanakhon White Ale
Mahanakhon White IPA
Hazy IPA
Mahanakhon Pale Ale

Locally crafted beer inspired by the hyper modern, loud, bustling metropolis we call home. Our beer reflects the sophistication of our city where aromas are elegant and tastes are complex.

Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

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